A piece in which extremely fine mesh-like holes have been drilled with cutting-edge laser processing technology (ultra-short pulse laser cutter) in foil affixed together by the hands of experienced craftsmen to embody the expressions created by the light which passes through it and the foil. The expressions produced with the transmitted light which shines through from the other side is a completely new invention in the history of the foil that has been around since the BC era. The title of “DAWN” reflects the desire to create a new chapter in the history of traditional crafts. It expresses a sight as though you are looking back at that dawn from an even higher plane of space and a sight of light as though the stars and planets have been interwoven together.

Hideki Yoshimoto

Representative of the Tangent design engineering studio. Took up a post as a Specially Appointed Associate Professor in the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo in 2020 and jointly established the advanced art design field.

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