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©Yasuhiro Chida

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©Yasuhiro Chida

In preparation

©Yasuhiro Chida

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Super Planetarium / Cave of Stars

©Takayuki Ohira

This event will reproduce a sky with 10 million stars in a cave using the MEGASTAR-II device produced by Ohira Tech Ltd. An extraordinary space will appear where you can experience nature, healing and relaxation with your five senses in a unique space interwoven with the natural beauty of Tanegashima and internationally-recognized artificial beauty in the middle of night on one of the few occasions in a year when the new moon and the low tide of the spring tide overlap.


The MEGASTAR-II device which we will install is a mobile optical planetarium. It was developed by the world-famous planetarium creator Takayuki Ohira. The device precisely reproduces the depth and breadth of space as though it were real. It does this by expressing even the very smallest heavenly bodies which are indistinguishable to the naked eye in detailed points at a minimum of 7/10,000 mm or less. The MEGASTAR series has been installed in science museums in 13 countries around the world. In addition, it has been used in numerous concerts, music video projections and museum installations.
Chikura no Iwaya

Chikura no Iwaya is a tourist attraction in Tanegashima. It is a marine-eroded cave created by the raging waves and sea breezes of the Pacific Ocean. It is said to have got its name because it is expansive enough to seat a 1,000 people. There are three cavities of various sizes inside. Each cavity is connected by a thin tunnel. You can only enter the cave for two hours before and after low tide. It is only possible to hold this event during the spring tide taking into account the loading and unloading of equipment. We will hold the Cave of Stars on one of the rare occasions when the spring tide and low tide overlap at night.