Yasuhiro Chida

Yasuhiro Chida is active in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. He is an artist who is attracting attention around the world. He has been selected as one of the world’s “9 Brilliant Light Artists (ARTDEX)” together with the likes of Olafur Eliasson and James Turrell.

Takayuki Ohira

Takayuki Ohira presented MEGASTAR, a device which projects stars more than 100 times greater than conventional technologies, in 1998. MEGASTAR-II cosmos, which he installed at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, was certified as a Guinness World Record in 2004. MEGASTAR-IIA, which he installed in Hamagin Space Science Museum, was certified as a Guiness World Record in 2023.

Hideki Yoshimoto

Based in London, Hideki Yoshimoto has won numerous awards including the LEXUS DESIGN AWARD international design competition and the Milan Design Award. He is attracting attention for his collaborations with luxury brands such as Hermes, Lexus and Burj Khalifa.

Yusuke Murakami

Yusuke Murakami is a visual artist based in London. After working at Hingston Studio in the U.K., he launched the 3AND design group in London in 2020. He is attracting attention by collaborating with global brands including BMW, ICA London, ∈Y∋ (BOREDOMS), NTS RADIO, Ricoh 3L and Burj Khalifa.