The universe is not a fairy tale in the world of science fiction; it is an extension of our lives. This is an installation which creates a space between the universe and everyday life.

The International Space Station floats in outer space at an altitude of approximately 400 km. Even the astronauts working in such an extreme environment were once employees of familiar companies. The notebook floating in the center of this installation is a commercially available product exactly the same as the one used by the astronauts on the space station. It is synchronized with one currently in outer space and expresses exactly the same setup. Together with the laser which indicates the current position on the station in terms of latitude, we want you to feel that the space development carried out on the space station is an extension of our living space.

Kousei Yamashita
Hiroki Imafuku

A production unit with Kosei Yamashita and Hiroki Imafuku. Kosei Yamashita is an industrial designer specializing in the space industry. Hiroki Imafuku (representative of YAADinc) is a creator who moves freely from culture to business. Graduated from Tama Art University. Usually bike buddies.

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