A piece using the fairing of a H2-B rocket which has actually carried satellites beyond the atmosphere. You can imagine the painted rocket launching. I hope you will be able to experience here the reality only known to those who were present at the launch site and witnessed it. What is the truth? This is a piece which lies between being real and fake.

Tanegashima, where the Kuroshio Current and East China Sea Current collide and where culture drifts ashore, has long been a point of interest for the world. Tanegashima is the starting point where that culture spreads across all of Japan. Tanegashima is also the point of departure for trips to space on rockets from all over the world. It is as if Tanegashima is a black hole in another universe and a white hole in this universe. This piece sees this mysterious Tanegashima as a singularity. It is a fantastical journey through space depicted from a perspective which transcends dimensions.

The music incorporates the actual sounds of rockets launching at JAXA and the voices in the control tower as well as the traditional music of Tanegashima called “Oodori.”

Yusuke Murakami

A visual artist based in London. Worked at the Hingston Studio in the U.K. Launched the 3AND design group in London in 2020. Attracting attention for global collaborations with BMW, ICA London, ∈Y∋ (BOREDOMS), NTS RADIO, Ricoh 3L, Burj Khalifa and others.

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